AAIR organises an annual international conference (the AAIR Forum) to bring together experts and professionals to promote the exchange of ideas and developments in the field of institutional research.

To encourage professional participation, AAIR offers a number of awards. To read about the awards, visit the AAIR Forum Awards page.

Upcoming Events

  • 2017 AAIR Forum (Alice Springs) - 31 October (pre-forum workshop) to 2 November 2017
  • 2018 AAIR Forum (Melbourne)
  • 2019 AAIR Forum (Canberra)

Past Events

AAIR has convened an Annual Forum each year since 1990. The Forum venues and themes have been:

  • 2016 (Sydney)
    Bridging Data and Decisions
  • 2015 (Wellington)
  • The Winds of Change
  • 2014 (Melbourne)
    Turning Silver into Gold
  • 2013 (Perth)
    Insights from Institutional Research: Exploring New Shores
  • 2012 (Terrigal)
    Institutional Research
  • 2011 (Gold Coast)
    Let the Sunshine In
  • 2010 (Geelong)
    Has Institutional Research Come of Age in Australasia?
  • 2009 (Adelaide)
    Turning Water into Wine: Institutional Research as an essential ingredient in strategic decision making for tertiary education
  • 2008 (Canberra)
    Enhancing Quality Research: A Global Perspective
  • 2007 (Sydney)
    Change, Evidence & Implementation: Improving Higher Education in Uncertain Times
  • 2006 (Coffs Harbour)
    Community, Customers, Clients, Colleagues and Competitors: Defining relationships through institutional research
  • 2005 (Melbourne)
    Institutional Research, Innovation and Change in Universities of the 21st Century
  • 2004 (Hobart)
    Better the DEVIL You Know...
  • 2003 (Adelaide)
    Public Good and Market Commodity: Underpinning the Academic Enterprise
  • 2002 (Perth)
    Quality in Tertiary Education: From Whose Perspective? (Who's in Charge? Who do we Charge? What Price do we Pay?)
  • 2001 (Rockhampton)
    Globalisation and Tertiary Education: Impacts, Responses and Implications for the 21st Century
  • 2000 (Sydney)
    Medal Contenders or Easybeats? Institutional Research Practitioners in the New Millennium
  • 1999 (Auckland)
    Educators and Planners: Symphony or Discord?
  • 1998 (Melbourne)
    Planning Tertiary Education in a Competitive Environment
  • 1997 (Adelaide)
    Equity and Tertiary Education: The Role of Institutional Research
  • 1996 (Brisbane)
    Meeting the Needs of the Community into the 21st Century
  • 1995 (Perth)
    Internationalising Tertiary Education: Institutional Research and Planning
  • 1994 (Dunedin)
    Tertiary Education Funding
  • 1993 (Sydney)
    Implementing the Quality Review Process: Strategies, Systems and Experiences
  • 1992 (Auckland)
    Futures: Planning for Tertiary Education
  • 1991 (Melbourne)
    Technology, Communication and Techniques: Future Directions for Institutional Researchers
  • 1990 (Rockhampton)
    Higher Education in the Pacific Basin: Towards the 21st Century


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