Training & Development

As a professional development organisation, AAIR holds an annual Forum and an annual SIG Forum, both of which allow AAIR members to share their research activities with their peers. These fora also promote key experts from the tertiary education and related sectors to participate.

AAIR, or through its affiliated organisations, also provides access to regionally-based professional development activities.


Data Science Online Courses

Examples of courses:

  • Data Science
  • Big Data
  • Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business
  • Executive Data Science
  • Business Analytics

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Association for Institutional Research

IPEDS Online Tutorials

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Data and Decisions Academy

The Association for Institutional Research runs a Data and Decisions Academy, with self-paced online courses that provide professional development for institutional researchers, building IR skills needed to support data-informed decision making. 

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Education and Events

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LH Martin Institute

Institutional Research in Tertiary Education

Taught entirely online from 26 September - 25 November 2016

This subject provides an overview of key elements of institutional research in tertiary education, to provide participants with knowledge and insights in areas such as:

  • the foundations of institutional research: its history, emergence as a profession, contexts of application, and the role it plays in institutional governance and management
  • international developments, concepts and approaches: the emergence of benchmarks and rankings and the use of institutional classifications
  • analytic resources: common tools, techniques and technologies
  • common domains of analysis: student enrolments, progression and completion, programs of study, research activity, workforce planning.

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The Association for Tertiary Education Management host and publicise a wide variety of training and events under a variety of categories including (but not limited to):

  • Building Professionalism
  • Connecting People & Groups
  • Growing Careers
  • Understanding the Sector

Visit the ATEM Professional Development page for more information.


DDLS is Australia’s leading learning solutions provider in IT Technical Training, Certification and Professional Development, building solutions that enable customers to successfully deploy technology, manage processes and deliver quality service. The latest schedule for most states in Australia is available on the DDLS website.


Want to learn R? Try R Twotorials, a set of ninety screencasts, each two minutes long, that teach you how to use R.

NCVER free series of webinars

NCVER hosts free webinars that cover a broad range of topics relevant to the tertiary education and training sector.

Visit their website to view which webinars are coming up.

Open Colleges

ELI Online

ELI Online Spring Focus Session: Learning and the Massive Open Online Course

Topics include:

  • the MOOC instructional/learning model and hot to support faculty teaching in it
  • quality assurance mechanisms, accreditation and analytics
  • instructional design challenges and opportunities
  • student evaluation, assessment and academic integrity
  • the future of higher education and the MOOC

Visit the website here:

Statistics Studies Online

The Institute for Statistics Education is based in the US and specialises in statistical studies online. If you’re looking at brushing up on your stats skills or gaining some new skills this may be for you. Plenty of info about their Faculty on their website plus there’s an article about them on Inside Higher Ed here.

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